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Relaxing Tropical Resorts

for a Memorable Vacation!

Accommodations play an important role in how well your vacation goes! Planning a tropical vacation? Parkair Travel Inc. can suggest some great tropical resorts. Give us your specifications, destination, budget, number of people traveling and we can help arrange your dream vacation.

Pay for your trip in installments

Is money keeping you from taking that holiday you've been dying to go on? We've got a solution. Plan your trip with us and pay for your vacation in installments, similar to a layaway plan.

Affordable tropical resorts

What's more, we don't charge any extra fee for planning your trip. Isn't that great! What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us right away. We have many brochures you can choose from to help you decide on your destination.

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We're the only true travel agency in Wichita Falls, TX, serving your neighbors since 1963.


It helps to have someone to talk to when you're planning a vacation, and we're always here to listen and to help you.


Some people don’t use a travel agency because they believe that in addition to the cost of the trip, they are required to pay a fee. However, commissions and fees are paid to agency’s by their vendors, such as resorts, hotels, tour operators, etc.

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Relaxing Tropical Resorts

for a Memorable Vacation!

  • Cozumel

  • Jamaica

  • Cancun

Tropical Beach Resort